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I have never been someone who loves to deal with car problems, which is why I was really stressed when I came across car trouble. I was left wondering what to do about the situation, so I started working with different places to get to the bottom of the issue. I turned to a professional mechanic for help, and it was really nice to find out that my car didn't have any serious problems. I wanted to start a little website all about understanding and resolving automotive issues, since you never know when they will pop up and cause trouble.



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Understanding Automotive Concerns

Did You Just Buy An Old VW Van? What To Check On Before You Head Out On The Road

by Sophia Banks

If you have recently purchased an old 1970s Volkswagen van, then you may not only be excited but you may be a little nervous as well. Even though these classics beauties come with more character than you may have ever witnessed in a car that you've owned, they may also come with some expenses as well. If you have had a dream of taking your new VW van out on the road for a long adventure, there are a few things that you should do (or at least have inspected) to your van. Interested to learn more? Read on. 

The Ring and Pinion

The ring and pinion parts on a truck, large van, or four-wheel-drive vehicle help you to carry heavy loads. On something that's older like a VW van from the 1970s, you want to make sure that your ring and pinion parts are in good working order so that your van has enough force and strength to make it up large hills or mountains. Additionally, if you plan on camping in your van, then you will probably have enough weight in your van that will require the force of a good, strong ring and pinion. 

The Engine

Having an old car, means having an old engine and one thing that many old VWs are known for, unfortunately, is having poor engines. When having your engine inspected for problems, make sure that you take it to a mechanic that specializes in older VWs; that way, they can help decide if there is a large problem with your engine that can be repaired or if you need a new engine entirely. Additionally, the mechanic will be able to tell you some tips and tricks on how to ensure that your VW's engine lasts as long as possible. 

The Transmission

The transmission on any vehicle is one of the most important and expensive parts. After all, it's what helps you control the gears on your car so you can shift it from one gear to another. In old VWs, sometimes their transmissions stick a little more often than other vehicles. Make sure to have your transmission inspected before you go out on your road trip so that it doesn't go out on you when you're on the open road. 

As you can see, these are just a few of the things that you should invest in before you head out on the open road in your new VW van. To learn more, contact a mechanic near you.