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Understanding Automotive Concerns

Why Buying A Handicap Van Is The Ideal Way To Transport Your Spouse In A Wheelchair

by Sophia Banks

If your spouse has developed a medical condition that requires him or her to be in a wheelchair all the time, then you'll be faced with transportation issues. If your spouse feels healthy otherwise, then getting out of the house and staying active is important for general well-being. Buying a handicap van is the ideal solution. Here's why it's better than other options if you want to take your spouse out of the house frequently.

You Can Go Somewhere Any Time You Want

Having your own handicap van means you can go out any time you want and stay as long as you want. If you use a wheelchair transportation service, you'll probably need to schedule the ride in advance. Service may be limited on holidays and in the evenings. This could prevent you from having dinner with friends or going to late movies.

Having your own transportation also ensures you are prepared for an emergency. You may want to leave your home if a bad storm is coming or if someone you know has an emergency in the middle of the night. If you have to rely on someone else or a transportation service to transport a person in a wheelchair, you may be stuck at a time when you desperately need to get on the road.

You Can Go For Long-Distance Drives

Another problem with relying on a wheelchair transportation service is that it may limit you to transportation in your own city. If the service takes you on a long trip, the cost could be so expensive that it's not practical. While you may be able to use the bus or train for long-distance transportation, you'll be faced with the problem of how to get around once you arrive at your destination if you don't have your own van with a lift.

Wheelchair Vans Make Getting In A Vehicle Easy

There are different types of lifts and ramps you can get for a wheelchair van. You may need to push your spouse up a short ramp or you can buy a lift that does all the work. This makes getting in and out of a vehicle easy on everyone. Depending on your spouse's condition, it might be possible to transfer him or her from the wheelchair to a seat in the car, but that can cause pain and discomfort to both of you, and it may not be a very good long-term option. With a van, you have plenty of room to maneuver inside and you can get your spouse in the vehicle without having to transfer to another seat.

A wheelchair van might not be a good investment if the only time your spouse will leave the home is to go to doctor appointments. In that case, a wheelchair transport van can take your spouse on the short trip, and the cost may even be covered by your insurance. The cost of leisure transportation is paid out of pocket and it can mount up quickly, so buying your own handicap van makes sense as a long-term investment for your transportation needs. You can find used vans to help save money, and if you have a van now, you can even look into having it converted.

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